A Legacy of Support: PICU

As we celebrate the 40th year of the Art and Antiques Show and the 25th year of Florida Forum, we are proud to look back on The Women’s Board’s legacy of support for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.  Funds raised by The Women’s Board over the past 43 years have supported a number of projects and programs, and we are excited to share our legacy through this special series of patient stories. 


Zuri, a patient of Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s PICU

When Zuri and her twin brother, Zihir, were born at a local hospital at just 25-weeks gestation, doctors wondered if either baby would survive.  Both babies immediately required newborn intensive care and additional medical procedures.  Zihir was transferred to Wolfson Children’s Hospital via the Kid’s Kare Ambulance (a project supported by The Women’s Board),  where he underwent a successful surgery to repair a hole in his heart before being discharged.

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Out of the Kitsch Came the Classic

"Poolside Gossip" was taken in 1970 by Slim Aarons. It sets the tone for the glamour of the decade.

“Poolside Gossip” was taken in 1970 by Slim Aarons. It sets the tone for the glamour of the decade.

The sleekness of the Mad Men modern era of the 1950s met the social upheaval of the swinging ’60s and the psychedelic 1970s were born.  For interior design it meant experimentation. Some things worked while others definitely did not.

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A “Distinct” Goal

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.31.02 AMEach year, members of The Women’s Board join forces to host the Art and Antiques Show and the Florida Forum.  While each event offers a unique experience for attendees, the purpose of both is to raise funds and awareness for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Over the past 43 years, The Women’s Board has been unwavering in its mission, raising more than $28 million for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.  This year marks the fourth year of a five-year, $4 million pledge by The Women’s Board to help fund the creation of Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Surgery Center of Distinction.


Funds raised in 2015 totaled more than $1.3 million.

While Wolfson Children’s Hospital provides a full range of pediatric healthcare services from routine to the most complex, there are some services at which Wolfson Children’s Hospital truly excels.  Called Centers of Distinction, these service areas are staffed by highly skilled physician sub-specialists and equipped with the most advanced technology.  Wolfson Children’s Hospital currently boasts four Centers of Distinction, and the creation of the Pediatric Surgery Center of Distinction will enable Wolfson Children’s Hospital to provide the most advanced surgical treatment and care to the children of our region.

A large portion of the funds raised by The Women’s Board for the Surgery Center will be matched at 150%, bringing the total contribution to $7 million.  With funds raised by The Women’s Board, Wolfson Children’s Hospital will be able to provide minimally invasive surgical options, enhanced pediatric trauma services for patients, and an endowed professorship to support an eminent pediatric surgeon.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.29.49 AMBronze Baby Head SquareAs we anticipate the upcoming Art and Antiques Show and the Florida Forum Speaker Series, we are mindful of the honor and privilege we share in supporting the work of Wolfson Children’s Hospital.  We hope you will consider joining us this year as we celebrate the legacy of The Women’s Board and anticipate the future of the children in our region.

For more information or to purchase tickets for the Art and Antiques Show or Florida Forum, please visit The Women’s Board’s website.


Annie Bryan lives in Jacksonville with her husband, Josh and their new baby boy.  She is a member of the Art & Antiques Show Social Media Committee, and she practices complex and commercial construction litigation for AG Adams Law.  

2015 Art and Antiques Show

The 2015 Art and Antiques Show begins this Thursday, December 3 and promises a fun-filled weekend celebrating the heritage and culture of Spain.  In addition to the more than 45 art and antiques dealers who will fill the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center for the weekend, there are plenty of special events and activities that promise fun for everyone.  We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate, shop, eat and learn, and most importantly, help us support the life-saving work of Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Continue reading