Antique Objects: Ink Wells

Antique ink wells are a beautiful reminder of how far technology has come in the last two hundred years. It is difficult to picture dipping a quill into a lovely bottle to write a long letter to a friend. Can you imagine? Our fingers dash off texts so quickly these days, it is comforting to remember and appreciate objects that reflect on a slower time in our history.

Ink wells are weighty in hand and fantastic alone or in a collection. While they come in many forms—bronze, ceramic, porcelain—the preferred material is glass or crystal, which provide an irresistible subtle sparkle. They are small enough to pop into a carry-on if you are shopping while traveling, and they can be tucked into any area of the home. If you are thinking about starting a new collection, ink wells might be a good place to begin.

1st dibs - Crystal Deco Ink Well

1st dibs - Cut Glass Deco Ink Well

Etsy - Ink well

Pinterest - Ink well


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