The Young Collectors Booth

At the 2012 Art & Antiques Show, the Young Collectors Booth committee laid the groundwork for what is on its way to become a fixture at the annual event. Last year, Deena Wallace, Caroline Graham, Katie Lomax, Meaghan Smith and Leah Kennelly curated a distinct booth geared towards new collectors that featured items from 2012 Art & Antique Show dealers.

2012 Young Collectors Booth

2012 Young Collectors Booth

The committee, a group of 35 and under patrons, worked with a wide variety of Art & Antiques Show dealers to select moderately priced antiques (typically under $300).

Art & antiques, reflective of the target audience’s aesthetic and lifestyle, were displayed within a modern backdrop of furniture and accessories to help shoppers envision how to incorporate antiques into their own homes.

Young Collectors Booth 1

Specialty vignettes including baby gifts, wedding gifts, men’s gifts and barware were designed to inspire guests to start a new collection or expand upon an existing one.

Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Gift Ideas

In its first year at the 2012 Art & Antique Show, the Young Collectors Booth had more than 40 sales totaling approximately $10,000, half of which were made by Young Collectors. For many customers, this was their first experience interacting with art and antiques dealers.

Last year’s committee not only created a new feature for the annual event, but they helped to initiate relationships between curious buyers and established dealers, easing the process for new collectors.

Young Collectors Booth 2

This year, the 2013 Young Collectors Booth Committee includes Emily Colyer, Patton Ellis, Caroline Graham, Emily Magevney, Meaghan Smith and April Young. We look forward to building on last year’s success and punching up the exciting shopping experience.

Be sure to stop by the Young Collectors Booth in 2013 for new exciting surprises and unique specialty items for your collection!

To see more from the Young Collectors Booth and a sneak peek of items to come, please follow us on Instagram!

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