Are you ready for Downton? union jack sofa

Downton Abbey is coming to the Wolfson Show!


For those of us across the pond, you don’t have to wait until January to get your Downton fix (unless you cheated and already watched Season 4). Coming to the Art and Antiques Show this December 6th will be an hour every bit as riveting as one on a Sunday night on PBS. Renowned designer Juli Catlin and I will take you on an exciting tour of “British History Through Antiques: Blenheim Palace to Downton Abbey”. You can learn more about it here.


Need to brush up on your styles and periods? Do you want to start collecting antiques, but are afraid of where to start? Are you a designer or architect who needs some CEUs? Or are you just an Anglophile who wants to come look at pretty English country houses and interiors and talk ‘Downton’? Either way, this lecture is for you.


We begin with the construction of Blenheim Palace during the reign of Queen Anne and take you through the Edwardian period, the “Age of Downton Abbey”. You will be taken through the English countryside and inspired by what you find there. Juli and I will identify important pieces, houses, and movements and give you the history behind them, as well as tips and advice on to how to build or add to your own collection.


The building of Blenheim Palace and the Georgian period were a grand age in England. The era was home to the great designers Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Chippendale, and Adam. “The Age of Elegance” was beautiful, but finding period pieces from this time can be quite costly and incorporating them into the modern home can be a challenge. With over thirty years in the field, Juli Catlin will show her expertise in how to navigate the waters of building the “collected home”.  We will help you understand periods, styles, and types of woods used. You will hopefully  come away renewed and filled with inspiration, as well as with ideas for more economic solutions to some of your design conundrums.


Our lecture will not be simply a history lesson, nor will it be a series of fabrics and rooms flashed up on a screen. It will be a synthesis of both. A weaving of a story, this lecture will take you into the rooms and teach you about the social movements and events behind them. Why a style was what is was….how a specific piece of furniture came about.


From tables to beds, draperies to china, gardens to door casings, and art to architecture……this lecture has something for everyone. In keeping with our theme of this year’s show, Impressions of India, attendees will also learn about the colonial effects on English interiors and Anglo-Indian design.


Not to give too much away…but we are especially excited to take you through the real Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) room by room and show you how to realistically bring that look into your home. Both of us Anglophiles and avid collectors, Juli and I will combine our knowledge of interior design, antiques, history, and restoration for a lecture that you won’t want to miss. So come celebrate the birth of Prince George, brush up on your British history, get some decorating ideas, and shop the Show…..and don’t forget to allow time afterward for a spot of tea in the Tea Room. Oh yeah, did I mention it was FREE with show admission? Just buy a ticket to the show and come on in!

State Approved CEU – 3 Hours Credit to Licensed Interior Designers and Architects for lecture and self-directed show tour.



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