Form and Function: The Bar Cart

It’s not just a piece of office furniture on Mad Men and it’s not just for happy hour.

The bar cart is an iconic piece with endless uses.

When on the hunt for the perfect bar cart,
consider all its possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to display cocktail ingredients or create an entryway system, the bar cart makes organization stylish.

It’s an accent piece that is sure
to become a favorite, not to mention
a great return on your investment.

Here are a few creative ideas that you can use to feature this classic piece in your home:

Bar Cart 1For a more traditional approach, consider a piece like this vintage French brass bar cart for holding all the necessary provisions for your next attitude-adjustment hour. Photo 1 Image Source: In Colorful Waters

Add a bar cart to your favorite reading nook Think of all the possibilities for styling and adding those final touches. Photo 2 Image Source: Providence Design

Incorporate this versatile piece in your living room design as an end table – It just wouldn’t seem right to leave a remote on this lovely bar cart. Photo 3 Image Source: HGTV

Bar Cart 2Impress your guests by using a bar cart as a nightstand; it’s a smart option for storing extra blankets and pillows in a guest bedroom. Photo 5 Image Source: Apartment Therapy

There’s no reason to scoff at a proclivity towards timelessness; even in their traditional use bar carts are always a conversation piece. Photo 6 Image Source: Emily Henderson


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