Blogger Introduction: Annie Bryan


What is your favorite antique or piece of artwork and why?

My favorite piece is actually a collection of antique maps. For our first wedding anniversary, I wanted to give my husband a traditional “paper” gift. I decided on an antique map of New Zealand, since we spent part of our honeymoon there. Over the years we’ve collected more antique maps to represent our travels. Our most recent addition is a map of Lewis and Clark’s trek across the Western portion of North America in 1804 that I gave to my husband for his 30th birthday this year.

Where do you find your best design inspiration?

As a life + style blogger, I was always on the lookout for inspiration to share with my readers – design, fashion, food, or otherwise. For design and décor, my constant inspiration was (and still is) Phoebe Howard. I love her use of neutrals with a few pops of color or pattern and that her rooms always feel elegant but accessible.

In keeping with this year’s show theme, what is your favorite “southern” thing about Jacksonville?

My favorite “southern” thing about Jacksonville is the feeling of true community that exists here. My husband and I lived in North Carolina for six years before moving back to Jacksonville last year, and we experienced that sense of community almost as soon as we pulled into the driveway of our new house. As we were unpacking our boxes, we must have had five sets of neighbors stop by to welcome us, drop off lunch, or just help us carry a box inside. On Christmas Eve, our doorbell rang every half hour on the dot for 3 hours with neighbors and friends dropping by with Christmas goodies or just to visit. Jacksonville is a wonderful city, but it’s the people here that really make it remarkable and make it feel like home.

Annie Bryan lives in Jacksonville with her husband Josh.   She is a member of the Art and Antiques Show Social Media Committee and she is the blogger behind the life + style blog, Ann Elliott (currently on hiatus). Annie works for a start-up toy company, HeroMe, LLC, where she leads marketing and external relations in addition to serving as general counsel.


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