Blogger Introduction: Allison Dewan

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Allison Dewan lives in Ponte Vedra Beach and currently works in the health IT staffing area. She is a member of the magazine ad sales and social media committees of the Women’s Board.

  • What is your favorite antique or piece of artwork and why?

My favorite antique is a pair of antique Mexican coin earrings that were passed down to me from my grandmother. They are special to me because they represent the old meeting the new. The coins and earrings are old, but they were new to me when I received them, and brought me new spirit. Also, they are my favorite because they highlight the history of my grandmother’s family in their migration from Lebanon to Mexico to the United States after WWII.

  • Where do you find your best design inspiration?

I find my best design inspiration when I travel, during both domestic and international trips. From the countryside to the cosmopolitan cities, I have traveled to a variety of places in almost every country in Europe, and it is there that I have found inspiration. Specifically, during a recent trip to Croatia I was inspired by the rustic sophistication that is present along the cities of the Dalmatian Coast. Also, I frequently visit the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and during my time there I am constantly amazed by the design and history of the American West.

  • In keeping with this year’s show theme, what is your favorite “southern” thing about Jacksonville?

My favorite “southern” thing about Jacksonville is the southern pride of the residents of the River City. From strong SEC football rivalries to the continued emphasis on southern cuisine in Jacksonville’s food scene, there is without a doubt a strong tie to the South. Jacksonville residents are proud to be located close to Georgia and to be part of the southeastern United Sates. Despite the proximity to the beach here in Jacksonville, many residents feel that Jacksonville is part of the true South, and not just a beach town on the northeast coast of Florida.


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