Blogger Introduction: April Young

April Young

Moving to Florida from North Carolina in 2005, April Young has utilized her Interior Architecture degree in the architecture, interior design, historic preservation +  the construction industry.  April has served as a member and volunteer for The Junior League of Jacksonville, Riverside-Avondale Preservation Society and the Art & Antiques Show.  Aside from her full time job, she enjoys working as a design consultant for her clients and writing for her blog, South of MaDi. She lives in the historic Avondale neighborhood with her husband and two children.


  • What is your favorite antique or piece of artwork and why?


I am so fortunate to have inherited numerous items from both sides of my families, ranging from rural Georgia to the old dominion of Virginia for which throughout the years I have treasured. One that jumps out at me is a very old travel trunk that used to dwell at my Great-Grandmother’s farm house.  It isn’t much to look at, for it is aged, weathered and tattered.  I have used it in many variations of furnishings throughout the years since I inherited it in college.  The trunk is like an old friend, voyaging with me wherever I create my nest.


  • Where do you find your best design inspiration?


I have moved around a lot in my life, from childhod into my adult years.  I draw inspiration from the places I have lived and have visited.  Whenever I have move into a new home, I like to shape my environment around the architectural style of the house, while incorporating furnishings and objects that I have inherited, accumulated and picked up along the way.  I never want design to look like it came from a catalog page; rather it should feel unique and personal with its own history and relevance.   I also look to other design professionals who aren’t afraid of utilizing various design styles.  My design inspiration is constantly shifting and evolving.

  • In keeping with this year’s show theme, what is your favorite “southern” thing about Jacksonville?

Jacksonville has an “easy-breezy” mentality that drew me to the town.  I think because it is so close to Georgia, and it is surrounded by water, people keep it mellow and friendly.  The locals embrace newcomers.  It is a melting pot of pocket size neighborhoods, communities both old and new stretching from historic river life to seaside beach lifestyle.  There is a quiet street wherever one chooses to live here among the sleepy oak trees.


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