Scrumptious Southern Eats

We all know that the food in the South is unbeatable. But recently, the rest of the country has also realized this, and Southern cuisine has been sweeping the nation.

I recently visited Philadelphia and I was shocked to see a staple of the Southern diet on the brunch menu: grits. Sausage gravy, shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles…all of these Southern comfort foods can now be found on menus throughout New York City, San Francisco, and even Boston. Right here in Jacksonville? You betcha. Here at home in Jacksonville there has always been a Southern swing to the cuisine, but right now local restaurants are taking notes from the rest of the country and are putting a gourmet flare on Southern staples.

Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails is one such restaurant that is “wowing” customers with gourmet takes on Southern eats. I recently dined at Moxie and experienced this for myself. They don’t call it “Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails” for no reason…cocktails are a must at Moxie. Bourbon is rooted in the South after all. IMG_8640

Here are the wonderful tasting and innovative deviled eggs I had at Moxie: 

Pulled chicken deviled egg. Red pepper deviled egg. Salmon and dill deviled egg. BLT deviled egg. Truly “eggcelent”.


As if the deviled eggs weren’t enough to make you hungry and craving some Southern snacks, check out Moxie’s mouthwatering scallops served over cheese grits. Has anyone ever turned down cheese grits? I don’t think so. Even yankees like them.

Here are the seared day boat scallops with three-cheese grits and lobster sauce; I ate every bite:



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