Shop the Show with Jennie Hugo


I am extremely flattered and excited to get to team up with well-known Jacksonville designer, Jennie Hugo for this year’s Art & Antique Show walking tours.  Jennie brings a unique and fun perspective to the Wolfson Show. She comes from a family that has been in the business of interior design for almost 100 years. The name “Hugo” has become synonymous in this town with beautiful and gracious interiors. Still keeping the family standard of excellence, Jennie has put a new twist on things. Building on a knowledge of style and furniture deeply ingrained in her from birth, she has a fresh and bold taste that needs to be introduced into the world of antiques. Join us Saturday, December 6 at noon and 4 pm for an hour of old and new, form and function, and a pop of inspiration just in time for the holidays.


Jennie and I will walk you through the show, explaining how to mix old and new, modern with super traditional, casual with formal.


Ask us about pieces you are thinking about buying. Bring pictures of things you need to pair together.  A spot on the tour will get you one action-packed hour of fun and education.

Photo Nov 21, 12 35 15 PM

Learn about where a piece came from and if it is a good buy for you right now. Discover new places for things in your home…places you never thought about before.

Photo Apr 14, 11 15 55 AM

Jennie and I are going to be like little elves throughout the weekend, planting a boxwood or tying a bowtie on our favorite pieces….pieces that we think are particularly special. So be on the look out for my bowtie or Jennie’s boxwood and grab them before someone else does….or get your parents to 🙂 !

Photo Feb 15, 4 47 17 PM

Jennie will help compliment this boring, old “expert” and together we hope to make your house a little bit more of a home this holiday season.


Spots are going fast, so reserve your place today and take advantage of an hour one-on-one with Jennie Hugo as we unpack the show, one booth at a time.

Photo Dec 06, 1 34 08 PM

For reservations email today or call 205-807-6041 with any questions. And in the mean time, check out Jennie’s store and blog.


And don’t let name fool you, though we start and end at the Young Collector’s booth, this tour is open to the young and not-so-young. What a great way to shop the Show with your kids and learn what they might want for Christmas. Hope to see y’all next week!





One thought on “Shop the Show with Jennie Hugo

  1. Ravi Jha says:

    Hi William, I have read your blog post “Shop the Show with Jennie Hugo” and really very nice pictures in this post. I am interseted to buy some products which will sell by Jennie Hugo. I like Opaline Glass antiques. Recently I bought Opaline Glass Coupe from here but looking for some more. Can I find more items in this category at Jennie Hugo’s shop?

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