Juli Catlin and William Nash Take a Modern Twist on Southern Traditions


Well, we’re at it again. This time Juli and I are back from Blenheim and moving a bit closer to home.  Come join us Friday, Dec. 5 at 11:30am as we take on “Southern Antiques Redefined….Our Modern Twist on Southern Traditions.”


There hasn’t been much scholarship on Southern antiques and decorative arts and we want to tell you what we know. This is sure to be a fun hour as two Southern friends team up and share their knowledge and love of collecting and history.


Come with us on a journey across the South. From Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello to the modern-day “Boxwood” of  Danielle Rollins.  From the Biltmore Estate to the shotgun shacks…..we’ll cover it all.

Southern-Entertainment-Cocktail-Tower-Seabrook-South-Carolina-9 (1)

Learn about the high points of Southern furniture from Baltimore to Charleston.


….as well as the low country folk art from the bayous, deltas, and hollers.


We’ll talk everything from china and silver….


….to your Great Aunt Mabel’s pie safe.


Come and learn about why a piece was what it was….how it was used and how you can still use it today. Learn about fun and new ways to display an unusual collection or how to incorporate those antiquated heirlooms into the modern home.


We’ll discuss how to care for your pieces and lift the curtain on the “restoration process”.


As usual, Juli and I will combine history and style to give you a lecture that is not only informative, but offers practical advice for the modern home.


Juli’s legendary sense of style and good taste, as well as her thirty plus years of experience in design and collecting, will be sure to inspire you this holiday season.


We may not be Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in William Faulkner’s Long, Hot, Summer….

long hot summer 5

……but we’ll try to be just as entertaining.


….and don’t forget, licensed interior designers and architects can get 3 state-approved CEU’s for attending the lecture and self-directed show tour. See y’all next week!




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