Florida Forum: Ehud Barak

Florida ForumIn addition to the Art & Antiques Show, The Women’s Board annually produces the Florida Forum speaker series. Having featured monarchs, entertainers, heads of state and more, the Forums have enriched the intellectual and cultural life of Jacksonville for more than two decades.


The 2015-2016 Florida Forum promises to be insightful and timely, featuring diverse and poignant speakers who are sure to enlighten and inspire us all, while raising vital funds for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

EhudBarakEhud Barak opens the series this Monday, October 5th. As former Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Barak will deliver a firsthand account of the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. Known as the most decorated soldier in modern Israeli history, Barak has also been a major player in Middle East peace efforts.

Having earned degrees from the University of Jerusalem and from Stanford University in physics, mathematics and economics, Barak has also been recognized for his far-reaching and positive impact on Israel’s economic prosperity. He offers a frank view of global politics, world economics and the state of Israel.


The 2015-2016 Florida Forum will continue with former First Lady Laura W. Bush on November 10th and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning on March 2nd. Subscription packages are available with options to meet our speakers at private receptions and may be purchased online at thefloridaforum.com or by calling 904.202.2886.


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