Richard Keith Langham

From Architectural Digest 2014

From Architectural Digest 2014

Master storytellers create tales that capture us with equal parts intrigue, magic, and comfort. There is something in their story that is familiar, but also a part that drives you to think and to question what you thought you knew. Their descriptions bring scenes to life and certain details resound with sentiment. These storytellers inspire you.

Richard Keith Langham is a master storyteller. The tales he constructs, however, are rooms… and ones in which you can live your life.

From Architectural Digest 2012

From Architectural Digest 2012

Mr. Langham, a native Southerner, began soaking up lessons from grand Southern ladies at an early age. He took his experiences in Alabama to Park Avenue in Manhattan and began his career creating captivating rooms for the likes of Pat Buckley and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Mrs. Onassis was not only a client to Mr. Langham but a dear friend. He says, “She was grand and humble all at once.”

A honeydew painted hallway from a home Mr. Langham decorated in Florida.

A honeydew colored hallway from a home Mr. Langham designed in Florida.

When Mr. Langham moved to Manhattan, he worked under the tutelage of Mark Hampton, father to Art & Antiques Show Friday lecturer Alexa Hampton. Under his guide, as well as Keith Irvine, Mr. Langham developed an aesthetic grounded in English sensibility but accented with his sense of whimsy and polished with exquisite trim.

Since the opening of his eponymous firm in 1990, Richard Keith Langham has been designing homes for storied clientele and consistently appearing on Architectural Digest’s AD 100 and Elle Décor’s A-List.

RKL from from Elle Decor

RKL from from Elle Decor

High gloss black walls match a Baccarat black console table in this dramatic entryway decorated by Mr. Langham.

High gloss black walls match a Baccarat black console table in this dramatic entryway designed by Mr. Langham.

With some creators, experience and age can lure them into repetition. What was once a fresh detail can become stale and lose its originality. Thankfully, that is not the case with Mr. Langham. He is as fearless and original now as he was when he began.

Whether he is telling a dramatic tale with a black-walled entryway featuring a Baccarat console or reminding us that chintz can still be chic, Mr. Langham’s craft is still as capturing and magical as when he first began. I like to think that talent comes from tapping into his Southern heritage. After all, Southerners do tell some of the grandest stories.

Join us on Saturday, December 5th at 10:00 A.M. to hear master designer Richard Keith Langham share his stories and expertise in his lecture “If These Walls Could Talk.” Lecture tickets are $30 and include show admission. Please visit to reserve your tickets.


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