Collecting Without the Clutter

The hunt for something new can often be the most exciting part of shopping for antiques. Here are three tips to ensure that your buy ends up being something you love for a long time, rather than clutter you regret a year down the road.

1. Know why you are collecting. Buying what you love is always a good idea, but do keep the shopping focused. Have in mind the style/size/dimensions of what actually makes sense for your house. A beautiful piece that is out of sync with your home or lifestyle won’t be a wise purchase in the long run.

2. Put them to use. If you collect silver, break it out for parties. If you’ve invested in a secretary, actually do your work there. If you have candlesticks or hurricanes, light them on a regular basis. Make these things a part of your life, and they will be not only beautiful but also practical. Things that are used and loved will never be clutter.

3. Corral them together. Small accessories have greater impact when clustered together (dispersed around haphazardly can make them feel like useless knickknacks). If you have a bunch of blue and white porcelain, group it together on a sideboard. Plates can be hung and displayed together on a wall. Matchstrikers can be placed all together on an end table. Strength in numbers!


Written by Leah Kennelly, Dealer Relations Public Relations Chair


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