Margot Shaw’s Flowering Idea


It came upon a Christmas season.

Margot Shaw, while working for floral and event designer Sybil Sylvester in Birmingham, needed holiday inspiration. After searching through countless archived garden and design magazines, she found very little. 

“Then I had a thought/impression/whatever you want to call it: ‘There’s no flower magazine, you need to start a flower magazine.'”


It is fitting that the idea for flower magazine came to Margot Shaw one Christmas season.

That glorious idea to start a magazine about flowers in 2004 proved to be a successful one.  The magazine debuted in March of 2007 and remains the nation’s only floral lifestyle publication.

Now, 12 years and over 17 issues later, the magazine is a huge success. “From private and historic gardens to stylish weddings, to tastemakers, to the floral/events/interiors world,” the magazine’s pages “brim with people, places and things that inspire the flower lover in all of us.”
Editor Margot Shaw will share her experience and expertise on Saturday, December 3rd at 2:00 p.m. as we kick-off our holiday season.

Mrs. Shaw’s lecture, entitled “A Swell Noël,”  will center on how to “flower” our worlds for Christmas and beyond including simple, chic centerpiece demonstrations.


Mrs. Shaw’s philosophy centers around retaining the best of the past and incorporating it with modern ideas. This brings a freshness to the magazine’s mantra of treating “flower” as a verb meaning “a lifestyle that flourishes.”

Please join us at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 3, for Margot Shaw’s lecture and demonstration, “A Swell Noel,” and be inspired to flower your life this holiday season.

Lecture tickets are $30 and include Show admission. Please visit to reserve your tickets.

Mollie Peterson- HOSTandSERVE

Mollie Peterson lives in Jacksonville with her husband Matthew. She is a member of the Art & Antiques Show Social Media Committee. Mollie is a teacher at JWJ College Prep and a 2015 Gladys Prior Award Winner for Career Teaching Excellence. She is the creator of the blog HOSTandSERVE and is a grateful stroke survivor.


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