The Young Collector’s Booth: A Primer


In 2012, The Young Collector’s Booth was created to attract younger shoppers  or those at the beginning of their collecting journeys. Originally led by Caroline Brinton and Deena Wallace, the two dynamos developed a concept that lives on and grows in success each year.

This year, Kate Buschini and Kaitlyn Weatherly are the Co-chairs of The Young Collector’s Booth, and it promises to be the best year yet. Kate was kind enough to give more background to the importance and purpose of the booth in a brief Q&A:

What is the inspiration behind this year’s Young Collector’s Booth?
For the 40th Anniversary Show, we wanted to keep with the theme of the 1970s. In reaction to the decadence of the past, interiors in the 70’s were inspired by nature, earth tones and whimsical patterns. Our committee chose to design our booth around these concepts and aim for a young, fresh feel.

What is different about The Young Collector’s Booth from the rest of the Show?
The Young Collector’s Booth is a wonderful gathering spot for collectors of all ages. Our booth is different because we curate lower priced collectibles from different dealers around the show.

What can people expect to find in The Young Collector’s Booth?
Each year promises exciting items for the booth! Visitors to the Show can expect a wide array of collectibles priced below $500. In the past, we have offered antique maps, silver baby cups, linen guest towels, vases, paintings, bar carts, pillows and rugs.

In addition to presence at The Art & Antiques Show, what other ways has The Young Collector’s Booth contributed to fundraising for Wolfson Children’s Hospital?
The Young Collector’s Party is an exciting partner to The Young Collector’s Booth, and this year’s event at Bar X was no disappointment. Through silent auctions and ticket sales, we raise funds for Wolfson Children’s Hospital and also generate excitement for the Show in December.

What made you choose to get involved with The Women’s Board?
To help the children. They are our future.








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